AVH-2 Junior Masks

  • $ 66.99

The only mask with a replaceable lens.  The only mask that comes in colors.* (you see the game through the lens not the cage frame so colors are awesome.)

  • Dual coated lens is fog free both sides and scratch resistant too
    • Certification: Type II HECC and CSA covering the United States and Canada
    • FREE SHIPPING USA AND CANADA.  International outside Canada; $18.50

    The design stats:

    Vertical length is 7.5" x Width 7.5" 

    Total weight just 9.5 oz.

    Fit:  The Junior mask accommodates most medium, small and extra small brand name helmets and is designed for all levels of youth hockey.

     *Scratch resistant means that you can clean, wipe and wear it.  A skate, stick blade, or other sharp object can leave a scratch.  The scratch coating prevents marring, discoloring of the lens and clouding. 

     The lens never needs fogging agents.  They do not work.  Our coatings are factory applied and heat treated to last a long time.